Professional Jewellery


In order to preserve the longevity of your precious piece of jewellery, Naomi Schwartz recommends having your valuable jewellery cleaned and checked annually.

We offer cleaning and resizing services in our gallery.

Pricing available upon request.

Cleaning jewellery


In between your professional cleans, you can clean your own jewellery at home with ingredients you have on hand.

To clean sterling silver (without gemstones):

- Line a small bowl with aluminium foil and place your pieces in the bowl

- Add 1 TBSP of Bicarb Soda over the top

- Cover with boiling water

- Leave for one minute

- Rinse in warm water

- Dry thoroughly with soft cloth (like our jewellery polishing cloth), taking extra care to dry inside of grooves

CLeaning jewellery with stones and diamonds


To clean jewellery with stones and diamonds:

- Add your jewellery pieces to a small glass bowl

- Fill bowl with lukewarm water

- Add in a squeeze of dishwashing detergent

- Allow to sit for 20-45 minutes

- Rinse with warm water and gently brush over jewellery / stones with a new soft bristle toothbrush.

- Dry with a polishing cloth